Charlotte Illini Club: A 20-year-old startup
Hello and welcome to the newly-minted Charlotte Illini Club website. We have been in existence (technically) for about 20 years, but as the Charlotte area continues to grow and attract professionals from across the world -- including hundreds of your fellow Illini -- we decided it's time to formalize the chapter by engaging with the University of Illinois Alumni Association. 
The chapter has ventured down this road before. A new grad or two would venture to the Carolinas and organize a few watch parties. The crowds would grow, friendships would develop, and plans would be made to enter the next phase of chapterhood. Some would go so far as organizing networking event or participate in a Big 10 golf outing ... and then the chapter head would be lured back to the Midwest, the crowds would shrink in numbers, and the cycle would repeat.
But not this time. 
Our numbers are strong, our volunteers are enthusiastic, and the support we are receiving from the UIAA has never been stronger. In 2024, we plan to venture beyond the watch parties and into more intellectual, charitable (and yes; social!) events. So stay tuned -- and tell your local Illini friends!
Lucas Allen (LAS '99)